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Walter "Wally B." Jennings


Teaching Artist


I empower others through arts-infused teaching, counseling and systemic development for corporate and personal relationship success and significance.

Everyday Excellence,
Tangible Greatness

About Me

I am a proven innovative instructional coach for business leaders, youth and community stakeholders with over two decades of experience in creative arts, operational management and public event coordination.

I am also a published poet, spoken word artist, writer, speaker, radio personality and artesian of creativity. 

I am a husband of 20+ years, proud father of 2 daughters, son, brother, friend and community leader devoted to exploring life lessons and compelling questions.


My Mission

to assist individuals and business organizations in creative problem solving and maximizing their potential.

You're In The Right Place If...

You, your team and/or business are ready for arts-infused…

  • Instruction for Corporate Success and Significance
  • Counseling for Relationship or Spiritual Success and Significance
  • Mentoring for Individual Success and Significance

Work With Me

You want to live your best life and enhance your self-awareness, identity and actualization.


You know just what you want, but need support writing the vision to make it plain and achievable.


How you treat yourself is often a reflection of your friendships, familial and romantic relationships, and now you are ready to see each of them grow on the spectrum of good, moderate, bad and indifferent.


 After purchasing endless resources, tools, courses, attending workshops, and listening to advice from the internet; you desire innovative, arts integrated strategies and methods to enhance the culture and climate of your business. 


You want to enhance the effectiveness of your leadership teams communication, problem solving, productivity and teamwork processes.


& Workshops

You want to connect with a writer, poet/storyteller, speaker, or host/MC to perform at your next event or show.


You want an interactive, authentic voice that speaks about personal life experiences to diverse audiences by challenging them to connect, feel, see and personify the characters within the poems, stories and original works of art. 


There is always a life lesson and compelling question


Why You're Here...

You want to enhance the effectiveness of your leadership teams communication, problem solving, productivity and teamwork processes.



Success & Significance Playbook

Download the free guide containing the

12 Keys to Success

10 Keys to Significance


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If you would like to learn more...

Visit the WATCH PARTY page for videos on my services and footage from performances. 

Check out the ABOUT ME page to learn more about me and my Work - Play - Live philosophy.

Fill out a CONTACT FORM so we can connect. I'm excited to hear from you!

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